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By: Benjamin Curtis August 25, 2011 3 Comments

Ever wonder why some friends get way more comments and likes on their posts than you do? There may be a good reason.

By: Benjamin Curtis February 4, 2010 No Comments

With the 400 billion monthly hits Facebook receives, PHP just wasn’t cutting it. HipHop is Facebook’s open source solution to high traffic bottlenecks.

By: Benjamin Curtis January 4, 2010 No Comments

Wordpress2Facebook is an application that monitors your Wordpress blog and submits links to Facebook whenever you author a new post. Wordpress2Facebook is unique in that it creates the link on your Wordpress page just as you would, by mimicking keystrokes and mouse clicks, therefore including the thumbnail image in your post, along with meta-data such as title and description.

By: Benjamin Curtis December 15, 2009 17 Comments

When linking to your site, Facebook tries to determine the best image thumbnail, title, and description for the link being posted. Luckily, there are ways to dictate, automatically, how all of these are displayed.

By: Benjamin Curtis November 12, 2009 No Comments

Joe Hewitt, renouned for developing one of the best Facebook mobile applications on the market, has stated that he will no longer be developing the Facebook application for iPhone.


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