Android 1×1 Ultimate Unread Widget

ROOT REQUIRED: Phone must be rooted to use this widget!

An icon that displays unread counts for all of your email accounts (not just gMail). Select which folders you would like it to keep track of and the text displayed. Works with HTC Sense and Android Email. Multiple instances and multiple folders per instance supported.

Features include:

  • Support for Vanilla E-mail Client
  • Support for HTC E-mail Client
  • Support for MotoBlur E-mail Client
  • Multi-folder select
  • Allows for multiple instances of the widget with different folder settings for each
  • Saves battery by only updating when the screen is turned on



  • Fixed a large scale permissions issue causing the application to not find accounts or update unread counts
  • Now works in most new ROMs, including custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod7

v05 – v06

  • Internal Code Enhancements


  • MotoBlur Email Support


  • HTC Sense Support
  • Stock Android Email Support

On an Android device? Get it here:


We have tested this widget with many different phones, from Droid Xs to Nexus Ones, and even an HD2 running Android.  Unfortunately, with so many models of phones and so many different versions of root access, it is impossible to ensure the widget will work on every phone.

If you do have an issue, there are usually small tweaks that will make the widget work. Please post a comment below with details, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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55 Responses to “Android 1×1 Ultimate Unread Widget”

Mike Wilson says:

Bought App as I really need/want this.
I’m on a Droid X with the Leaked Froyo upgrade and ADW as my launcher.
When I try to add the widget, it gives me the selection screen but when I ‘Save’ it FC’s. After a few tries, I can get it to put the widget on the screen, but it doesn’t update e-mail or launch e-mail client when pressed. I’m guessing because the background service has been FC’d.
any suggestions?

Anonymous says:

Give us the ability to change icon and badge color. And it would be great.

Dennis says:

Just grabbed this from the market and it doesn’t seem to work on my (rooted) Droid 2. I can add the widget to the screen but it never prompts to grant SU access.

Benjamin Curtis says:

Those of you with problems have email responses (or it’s already been fixed).

Steve says:

This worked, but it definitely needs an option to change the icon and badge to the stock AOSP or stock HTC icons. Not really interested in using it with the icon it currently uses.

Mark says:

I am on a rooted Droid X running the latest Froyo leak and using Launcher Pro Plus. When I add the widget to the desktop and go to select the folders, all I get is a box with the heading Folders and an OK button, but no folders are listed. I am using the stock Gmail and Email clients. This happens whether I select the Default Android E-mail Client or Motoblur E-mail Client options.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Mark: Version 0.05 should fix that issue, as we were not requesting root until that point, and some phones were not responding. If 0.05 does not fix this, let us know. Also, please email us using the contact info on the app and we can help get it running for you. If it turns out we need to add another way to request root access, we will certainly accommodate.

doug says:

Have same exact issue as mark with rooted droid x running 2.1

Doug says:

@Benjamin Curtis – I have a rooted Droid X running 2.1 that is acting exactly like OP Mark’s Droid X. I also have Launcher Pro Plus. I get the box with heading Folders and OK button – no folders display. I’m hoping to be able to choose just one exchange account and see when there is new email. Hoping to run it in lock screen using Widgetlock

John Gibson says:

Awsome “missing link” from android offering, thanks for building one of my most used homescreen widgets!!!

A request… Please add options to change icon (built in or from icon pack) and transparency. That woud make this app. great!

Benjamin Curtis says:

Hey everyone with Droid X’s, I’m working with a couple of you to get this problem fixed. I will repost when the fix is in.

Al Pinkelman says:

I have a Droid X and I’ve been looking everywhere for a 1×1 widget like this. So first off, thank-you.

Possible issue:
I can add the widgets to the homescreen and the unread count works as I’d hoped. However when I click on the icon it’s not taking me to the email inbox or the email accounts list (it should, right?).

Requests (hope this is OK to post these here):
-Make the Icon changeable or make it consistent with the visual style of other unread icon’s (see sms unread count widget for an example)
-Allow me to specify what email client to open for each shortcut if you don’t have a way auto-determining this on a per account basis.
-Add an app to the applist that allows me to change the settings for the widgets after they’ve been added to the homescreen (low priority compared to the firs two I listed).

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Al: Icon customization is at the top of our list for “display” requests, we’re trying to make sure everything works as the Widget stands, first. Unfortunately, Droid X ROM creators are making this very difficult and changing the email client constantly. The Widget SHOULD execute your email app. If you would like to work on Debugging this, please email us at the email address listed on the app in the Market. Thanks!

Al Pinkelman says:

I sent an email via my gmail account about the issues I’m having on my X. If there’s anything you need, let me know.

Thanks for the assistance.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Al: Unfortunately, I haven’t received any email from you yet. Could you possibly resend? Thanks.

DroidX says:

It does not work for Touchdown email.w

Benjamin Curtis says:

@DroidX: Correct. It currently works for HTC Sense and the Stock Vanilla client.

Al Pinkelman says:

I just re-sent my email about the link not opening the motorola email client on my X. The message was sent to the gmail address “pathompong”.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Al: Ahhh, I think you’re sending the email to the SMS Unread Widget address (quick search on Google located that), not me, the 1×1 Ultimate Unread Widget. :)

Al Pinkelman says:

You are right. Man, do I feel stupid. I’ll send it your way.

John S says:

Is there anyway to prevent the popup at the bottom saying ‘granted root access’ every single time my phone comes out of sleep. This is driving me crazy!

Using Fusion 1.1 Rom on a Samsung Vibrant.

Other than that the app works great.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@John S: Sure, that is actually a setting in the SuperUser app. Open up SuperUser, goto the Settings tab, and uncheck “Notifications”. There is no need for notifications if you have to manually allow programs to use root (I.E. the Allow/Deny box). Unfortunately with some model phones if I don’t re-request root at start, it caused them problems. I may try removing that and see if I get any other comments, but I haven’t had anyone else say anything. Thanks.

SteveX says:

I’m having the same issue as Al. clicking the widget on DroidX doesn’t open the email client. (using motoblur)

Matt R says:

I have a rooted Dell Streak running Android 1.6. When I get to the part where it tries to detect e-mail apps that have been used on the phone, it comes back not finding any, so I can’t get any further than that. Tried using K9 to see if that would show up in the list, but it didn’t. Any fix or workaround for this?

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Matt: Hmm, quiet honestly I haven’t had a lot of feedback from 1.6 users. Does the Streak use the standard Android Email client? If so I can try a test in the emulator.

Matt R says:

Benjamin, Yes it does. I’m on 1.6 awaiting the “approved” release of 2.2 by AT&T. I suppose a lot of issues will be cleared up then? Thanks.

Bhavin Dalal says:

I have used it for myTouch 4g, when it find email clients it’s only finding HTC Sense, so I am getting notification for my Exchange email but it doesn’t detect K9 or Gmail or Yahoo mail. Please advice what to do?

Leif says:

App will not launch email when clicked on Droid 2 Global. What’s up with that?

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Bhavin: Unfortunately, Ultimate Unread widget does not support those clients. It supports the vanilla client, HTC Sense, and Blur. There are other widgets in the market that support those clients independently.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@Leif: Sorry to hear that. If you’re interested in investigating it further, I’ll need a tester with a Droid 2 Global. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at the androiddev email listed in the market. Thanks!

db says:

I’ll be keeping my eye on this widget. Once the icons can be customized, I’ll be downloading it in a hot second.

JV says:

Running a rootrf ZTE Blade with a custom 2.2 Android (Japanases Jellyfish). Email is using the inbuilt client with an exchange account. Widget does not find an email account when installed. Any ideas or more info you migth need?

Benjamin Curtis says:

@JV: If you can email me an “ls -lR /data” from your phone, I may be able to track down the culprit.

JV says:

Benjamin, thanks for your post. Have to refresh the phone later due to an unrelated issue. Will report back with those details assuming it still fails.

JV says:

Tried another ROM and your app works perfectly!

JV says:

Spoke too soon. App works fine for a time. However seems to lock up, that is no longer updates unread count (freezes) and widget becomes unresponive, i.e. does not link to email. If widget removed then re-added works fine again for a time. On ZTE Blade running 2.2 custom ROM.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@JV: What ROM are you running?

JV says:

MoDaCo Custom Froyo ROM r11 for ZTE Blade

idle0095 says:

this does not work at all on my rooted droidx. i dont use a custom rom so its not that. when it looks for the email service it only finds moto blur email when i dont even use that. i use gmail and stanard android email that came with the device. so if i pick motoblur and then pick inbox it makes the widget icon but you cant click on it at all. this app needs some help and im asking for a refund if this cant get fixed. i did email them.

idle0095 says:

The one shipped with the droid x

idle0095 says:

is someone going to help me or not??????????????????????????????????????????????

Benjamin Curtis says:

@idle0095: A refund has been submitted on your order.

Benjamin Curtis says:

@JV: could you try installing aLogcat from the Market and see if your phone is throwing any errors?

Nova says:

I just purchased the app, and it won’t inatall saying that the phone needs to be rooted. Is rooting the phone a requirement for this app to work? If so, how do I get it done?

Benjamin Curtis says:

Yes, rooting the phone is a requirement, and the first thing listed in the description of the app. For most phones it is pretty easy, you just download a program and run it. Search google for your phone model and root, and then just make sure the method you find is compatible with the version of Android your running.

TheXenocide says:

+1 to customizable icon and badge.

Also, it doesn’t launch my mail client if I click it? Running Motoblur on Atrix 4g. I’m happier to use this as it’s integrated with everything else but launching my e-mail is a pretty important part of this.

Kilowatt says:

nice App, is there a tweak to chenge the icon of the widget o screen ? It dosent fit to my other counters so i would like to change …

Thx Kilowatt

Adam says:

Love the widget!! however, i am having a weird issue — unread is showing 26 unread, however when i click and go into the app, the app shows 31 unread — i have tried removing/readding the widget, but that didn’t fix it…

Any thoughts?


Jen says:

Hi, I really love this widget!
One suggestion: can the color somehow be changed?
Also, I am having a problem where it is showing an unread count of “-1″. I have tried removing and readding but that did not change it.

Jen says:

Oh, also regarding the phone I am running Android 2.2 on an LG Optimus.

Radim says:

It is not working with Nexus S. Root access?

Jon says:

Works great for an Acer Iconia Tablet when in landscape. However, when I turn it to portrait, the email count is down in the body of the Icon and not in the red circle, making it impossible to read. Is there anyway to fix this?

flippy12 says:

I tried to use your app on my Sony Xperia Arc S, on an AOKP Rom (based on JellyBean), but I didn’t success.
I have 2 mail accounts (hotmail) on the stock email app. I installed your app, accepted the Root permission, and select the Detect mail app. But your app was not able to detect any mail app :-(
Is it possible to help you for this, or you already tried without success ?

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