MyFitnessPal Export Tool for Excel or CSV

The following tool can be used to export all of the data from your public diary on It will export the following data from the inception of your diary:

  • Overall: Date, Type, Sub-Type, Name
  • Food: Calories, Carbs (g), Fat (g), Protein (g), Cholesterol (mg), Sodium (mg), Sugars (g), Fiber (g)
  • Exercise: Minutes, Calories Burned, Sets, Reps, Weight

If at any time there are more than 365 days of inactivity in your diary, the CSV will only include data back to that gap. If you have any problems with this tool, please inform us of them via the comments below.

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40 Responses to “MyFitnessPal Export Tool for Excel or CSV”

drewdizzle says:

Great tool! I found it on the MFP forums. Can I make a feature request? Can you allow us to specify the start and stop dates for the data so we can get 1 year segments of data ranging back more than a year ago? That would be sweet!


Benjamin Curtis says:

@drewdizzle: I’ve updated the tool to grab ALL data, not just 365 days. Give it a go.

kfn585 says:

I am unable to export the data. the progress bar stayed at about 20% for over an half hour. How long should I be waiting for the file to be exported?

kfn585 says:

It worked fine. sorry for the previous message.

Jesse says:

Thanks for making this! Any chance that this tool could also be extended to grab weights from the weigh-ins?

Benjamin Curtis says:

Unfortunately no, I wish it could. MyFitnessPal doesn’t provide a publicly view-able page with that information.

Alecta says:

This is awesome, thanks for making it! I had been manually entering my calories into an excel sheet for a while but then got tired of it. This is great, I’m going to show it to all my MFP friends

Cameron says:

Do you keep the data? I’d love to use your tool, but sometimes the comments i make on particular days aren’t things I’d be very comfortable having on your servers or saved off somewhere outside my (or myfitnesspal) control.

Tim says:

Any chance you can offer the option of a tab delimited file? The dates and some descriptions come through with commas which affects import to excel. Thanks!!

cb says:

This is great! I was wondering whether it is possible to download the total calories per day rather than having to go in and sum them up by hand? Thank you

Hjelmeyeti says:

This is awesome- saved me the trouble of writing a program myself :) ..of course you’d think they’d just build the feature into their site or something…

Ingmar says:

This is great. – I think we all agree that it would be even nicer if MFP themselves had an export option, but I can not thank you enough for providing this great tool. Pulled all my data and all cross checks came out smelling of roses!

Fitness4Us says:

Can you please re-enable?

Hassan says:

The option is disabled for me it says :
“The MyFitnessPal export tool is currently offline..”

I hope you can get it back :)

Bilal says:

Please enable it – I need to extract data from MFP. Thanks

please get it up and ruunning says:

please get it up and ruunning

PFG says:

Please turn this back on. Looks very useful.

Teresa says:

This is the only thing I’ve found that lets me export my data, please re-enable it! Thank you! :-)

Sohail Khan says:

When will the tool will be available?

Tiix says:

Would love to be using this, I’ve heard it’s wonderful!

Anonymous says:

You should upload this script to Github so folks can continue using it and improving it!

frui says:

You should upload this script to Github so folks can continue using it and improving it!

Dave says:

Please make available again

Kevin says:

Would definitely like to use this again!

Ryan says:

Me too – please bring it back!

Anon says:

I’d love to use this!

AM says:

Would love to use, if it will come back

enjanerd says:

Would also like to try this. Thanks!

mklida says:

Please bring this tool back!!

bac says:

Yes, please!

bob says:

bring back the tool – mfp is not useful without it

connor says:

github please!! thanks for making it in the first place

Dr says:

Please bring this tool back!

julie says:

Pls bring it back

a says:

id love to use this

Monika says:

Hi Please

I nedd myfittness pal matser data

cas says:

Please bring it back!

Christine says:

Come back!

Obelix974 says:

Good Job

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